Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Ways to Fail in Isagenix Part 1

Dear Fellow Isagenix Rep,

Did you know that over 95% of Network Marketers fail in their industry? Why is it that? Is it because most people are flat out lazy? Look it's not your fault, but I'm sure you're here to see what you're actually doing wrong right? Well then I'll cut to the chase and get into the meat of things.

Here are some Facts of Network Marketing. Companies know that

1. The average distributor will sponsor an average of 2.5 distributors before they quit

2. Exhaust their circle of family and friends within 30-120 days, spends hundreds or thousands on ads, leads, and websites without being taught how to use these tools properly, get frustrated, then quit

3. 86% of distributors will quit, but also know that 16.2% will continue to use the product.

Now that you got some facts under your belts, I'm going to cover the first 4 things that you should NOT do in your Isagenix.

Mistake #1

Making a list of friends and family. That’s right, your warm market. Isagenix loves teaching this. Why? Because if they have 100,000s of people added 2.5 people in their downline, they're growing tremendously! But it doesn't work well for us "little people." How easy does that sound, "Make a list of your friends and family." Pretty easy huh? No need for training expenses either!

Mistake #2

Passing out business cards, brochures, audio CD's, and DVD's. Sound familiar? So instead of the Isagenix spending money for training, they're making money! Hey look, they're only doing what's best for the company so what can you do? Well, think like a company owner. Easier said than done right? I'll cover that later. If 100,000s of people passed out 100 CDs and even if the conversion rate is 1%, that's 100,000s of new distributors… for Isagenix! Not a bad situation is it? But that would mean that you would need to pass out 100 CDs to enroll 1 person. First off, you have to buy them but does Isagenix have to buy them? Of course not! You're paying for them!

Mistake #3

3-way calling. Ok… Hope you're sitting down because this has got to be one of the most counter productive methods to grow ANY business. Do people buy from experts or trainees? Do you see anymore trainees at restaurants anymore? Do you know why they're gone now? People don’t like being served by TRAINEES. You need to become the expert.

Mistake #4

Hotel meetings and driving all over town. Umm… isn't this supposed to be a "HOME-based business"? How much is gas costing you? How time are you wasting driving? How much money are wasting picking up meal tabs for this "prospect that's about to be a new associate"? Also after all these meetings and driving all over the place, how many people are you putting into your business a week? That's the bottom line.

If you're doing these things, hear me out. I know it's probably the complete opposite of what you've been taught by your upline, leaders, and your company but hey, this is YOUR business. And you need to look out for yourself. The post below will have the other 4 mistakes commonly made by network marketers.

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