Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Ways to Fail in Isagenix Part 2

Here is the other 4 mistakes commonly made by Isagenix Reps.

Mistake #5

The Product sells itself! Ha! I love this one. We're taught that our product is the best out there and who doesn't want to feel healthier? Everybody needs my product! Yea right, if the product sells itself, why do they need you? If the product was so great, they would've opened up stores all over the country, they wouldn't need you! Look, don't get sucked into that concept. Products don't sell themselves. Though it sounds good doesn't it?

Mistake #6

Get 3 who get 3 and you're filthy, stinkin' rich. This one makes me laugh. All you gotta do is help 3 get 3 who get 3 and WA LA, you're making over 6 figures a year. This myth has been hugely taught in this industry and just flat out does not work. We have yet to see one single person (out of over 7,000 students) that has used this approach and found success.

Mistake #7

Get a website, share it with your neighbors (or put it on your business card). Look, if you've done any type of marketing or sales before, this isn't the way to go. Believing that you could build a solid income by only pointing people to your Isagenix website wont get the job done. There's truly an art and science to creating a website and your Isagenix website is NOT that site. Even if you got a great website, you still need to know how to drive targeted visitors to your webpage. Those who will most likely buy what ever you have. It's a tool that most marketers don't know how to use appropriately.

Mistake #8

Hosting home parties will make you rich! How many leaders in Isagenix are making in excess of a quarter million dollars a year by hosting home parties? Hey look, this technique does work if you're looking to grow Isagenix at a snail's pace and you're on the 40-year game plan to start making good money. Now if you're on a different plan, you need a better way to get not only prospects, but get those who already have a need, want or desire for what you have. There are better ways to get hundreds, if not thousands of prospects for Isagenix every month a whole lot easier and you wont have strangers in your house every week either!

Well these are the 8 most common mistakes being taught in this industry and if this is your approach, and you've been in Isagenix or networking for more than 3 months, take a step back and look at your success so far. Does your bank account reflect what you've been taught so far and do they meet your expectations? If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting. So first off, STOP doing these things, and find better ways to grow your business. Also, if there's a proven and guaranteed way to grow your business, go for it. Stop hoping for the pipe dream and fill it with a proven system that will yield guaranteed success in Isagenix.

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